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Right on sister. For me I couldn’t get to love until I got to acceptance of my self, exactly as I was in the moment, with whatever was happening in me emotionally, sensationally, and mentally, with all that that included and it was constantly moving, flowing and changing and I had to accept all of it as it was happening. I also realized that i had to accept everyone else too, exactly the way they were in each moment. Then I just started to relax into my experience, watching, feeling, sensing, love, anger, sadness, fear, sexuality, pain, and pleasure. It was all happening and I could accept it or continue to resist it, suppress it, distract from it. When I accepted all of it, I started feeling okay with all of it.”
— TP

There is great synchronicity going on here, with your beautifully heartfelt expression (Listen to Your Heart-Voice) . I was interviewed by the Institute of HeartMath and received the nod to becomes one of their Resilience Educators. The training will begin in October and long before that, I will be reading everything about how the heart has it own brain-heart first and then the brain systems follow with great integration for whole person sustainable well-being. Your essay amplifies this great heart knowing. Wanted to share this with you. Love,”
– Elizabeth

Dear Ladies, Our dear friend and fellow yogi Luann’s new book on happiness is now out in print, Explore Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. I started reading it last night and couldn’t put it down. The most inexpensive therapy session you’ll ever find. Luann has made me proud as her yoga teacher and friend. I highly recommend… Sincerely, Have A Happy Day!”
— Marlon

Thank you, Dear Luann. Spontaneity is the treasure, the gift, that we have within us and, it takes courage to be in the now moment versus resting in the laziness (lack of awareness) of responding through reactivity, from toxic patterns made from survival choices (early childhood persona contracts we made for self to survive), versus being fully spontaneous by responding authentically to a moment in the now. Embracing our Full Presence anchored by our breath, opens us to the new adventure each day. I love that you express from your Full Presence, your Full Mindfulness embodied. Warmly,”
– Jessica Nickel

Luann…you NAILED IT on this one!!! Awesome job with this!! (New Year: New View, New Perspective) This really is right on and sums up what I have been trying to teach people…perfect step process. Also, I want to give you credit for inspiring back in 2006 about working and meeting in “circles”. I have used that important piece of advice so much in my professional and personal life. Thank you for that. Happy New Year!!”
— Pierre DeBar

This book has helped me to make some needed changes in my life!”
– Jessica Nickel – for Jessica’s book review on Happily Ever After….Right Now click here

Luann is the most honest and authentic person that God, has ever brought into my life. What have I learned from Luann; living in TRUTH, and its importance. This brings joy, harmony, peace and LOVE. Letting go of past mistakes and relationships, learning from them, gain wisdom and not repeat old habits. “Happily After After, Right Now,” to maintain happiness in the Now, insures happiness ever after. That is my goal to reflect the happiness in my life to others. To know that true prosperity comes to those who believe they deserve and live a life of TRUTH, INTEGRITY and LOVE.  Luann is a caring Mother, well educated, phenomenal speaker, and taught me to LOVE and honor my first responsibility, God/myself. Thank you Luann, for being my friend.
— Larene Kay, “Prayers From The River To The Mountains”

I have thanked God every day in my prayers, but still am wondering, how do I really thank someone who has been there for me so completely during my dark times and has helped me grow so significantly? The answer came to me. I would show my appreciation by giving you one of the most important things in my life…my original Alcoholics Anonymous book. You will see evidence of how important this book has been to me buy its worn pages and many markings. I feel this gesture may convey to you how much you have helped me grow on this wonderful journey, guiding me back to the very precious times in the light! It is with much appreciation and gratitude that I give you this gift. – Ken

Luann Robinson Hull is deeply caring, loving, and compassionate. She speaks and teaches from a position of life-long learning combined with inner wisdom. Her heart’s desire is to see this planet, and everyone on it, realize the highest level of growth, love, health and prosperity. As all Spiritual Masters with Christ-like desire she leads and practices a life of passion driven purpose.
– Rev. Brent Sprunger

In my 35 years of counseling I can truthfully say I admire Luann’s dedication to seeking the truth in every situation… Luann has an innate sense of the fragility of the human condition. This gift makes her unique, in the quality of compassion, necessary when helping others with their personal transformation.
– Rev. Jan Nutter

Luann Robinson Hull


Luann Robinson Hull is a writer, book author and speaker with a Masters in Clinical Social Work and a Doctorate in Ministry. She offers workshops and immersions with online courses coming soon to the mix! Luann writes self development and personal development books and in particular, inspirational books for women. Her most recent self help book for women, Happily Ever After…Right Now is now a two time award winning book under Spiritual Category of books. She is also a featured writer for Huffington Post Women. Luann’s second book, Self-Belonging, is due out next year (2105)

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