Luann Robinson Hull, MSW, LSCSW, D.Min

joy image for bio sliderWhile my passions and interests have always been varied, each shares a common thread. Whether the focus is philosophy, spirituality, relationships, science, art, music, fine cuisine, travel, yoga, or hiking in nature, I am most always in a state of curiosity on how human consciousness (being the common denominator among all of these themes) can be cultivated and expanded into more and more states of liberation, freedom, and illumination.

I was fortunate to have an excellent liberal arts education, which gave me the foundation for launching a life-long career with an emphasis on the development and transformation of human consciousness. A few years after completing my undergraduate degree, I was inspired to pursue a Masters in Clinical Social Work at the University of Kansas, which was then one of only two Universities in the country to offer and emphasize the Strengths Perspective Theory as a valid clinical approach in supporting people with social and mental health challenges. It turns out that learning that method has been extraordinarily helpful in guiding me to recognize the absolute necessity in emphasizing strengths and growth in any environment—and in particular a clinical setting.

While still practicing in the psychiatric world, I continued to explore my passion to delve deeper into my study and research on the human heart-mind and move beyond pathology, which was the focus of the medical model in which I was trained. In researching programs on Spiritual Psychology to support me in this goal, I came across a small University in Oakland California, which was created for Master level professionals to expand and re-invent their work from a psycho-spiritual-philosophical lens. I spent six years in the richness of that environment with such cutting edge teacher/philosophers as Andrew Harvey, and Ana-Perez Chisti. It was a rich pedagogy of inspirational insights and extraordinary wisdom, guided by Matthew Fox, distinguished Christian mystic and Episcopal Priest.

My dissertation in the program combines a philosophical and practical palate of rich, carefully researched material, exploiting the evolutionary themes, which have influenced the current relationship paradigm in western culture. The key focus of the material is to offer a new paradigm of thought on relationships, with an emphasis on empowerment, growth, strengths, passion, freedom, and happiness.

Since graduating from the program in 2006 with a Doctorate in Ministry, I have continued to explore these topics. What has resulted is a two time award winning book, Happily Ever After…Right Now, as well as quarterly blog for Huffington Post Women, and a more personal update (blog) from my own website, monthly. I also continue to offer workshops, immersions, and vlogs while continuing to do research for my second book, Self-Belonging, due out later this year.

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