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Happily Ever After….Right Now is truly a masterwork! The spiritual breadth and density of this book is unlike any other I have read. The provision of very specific exercises to bring everything home is also perfect. What is most amazing though, is that as soon as I started reading the work, I could feel an encapsulating healing energy. At first I thought this was my imagination, and every time I went to read Happily Ever After, I could immediately feel this energetic nourishing presence. This is a first for me, reading a book that transmits such vibrational love and grace. It is truly miraculous. You are a living angel Ms. Robinson Hull!

Christopher Barham

Uncompromising in calling out the overly romantic, but her sentiments are always laced with kindness. This essential kernel of personal optimism is the heart of the book and its greatest strength, giving heart to readers who may invest too much of their personal happiness in others. Hull is prone to florid overwriting, but this repeated note of solid encouragement will give many readers the boost they need to love themselves. A readable, powerfully worded call for women to get in touch with their inner queens.

Kirkus Reviews

Scientific research reinforces Hull's self-discoveries and elevates her book beyond a self-help memoir… Any self-help reader searching for not just answers but strategies to define, locate, and reinforce happiness factors in their lives will find "Happily Ever After… Right Now" a precious find, indeed.

Midwest Book Review

Luann Robinson Hull has courageously vanquished the myth that claims a woman must have a "Prince Charming" at the center of her personal universe to have any value at all. Any woman who wants to learn the truth of living an unshackled, rich, full and meaningful life should start by reading this book.

John Shimer
Author of "Be Someone's Miracle"

Self Belonging: Embrace The Wisdom Of Soul And Science And Live Your Best Life considers the foundations of happiness and how it gets hijacked by relationship expectations and life challenges, and is highly recommended reading for self-help audiences.

It's based not just on admonitions and life wisdom, but Luann Robinson Hull's own experiences, from an emotional rollercoaster reunion in a rekindled romance to questions of how individuals twist each other into knots and why they allow this to take place: "Why did Richard affect me in similar ways? How could I let him twist and torque me around like a pretzel? How had two intelligent women allowed themselves to be reduced to a cat fight over a man, when we could have been focusing our energy in far more productive ways?"

Becoming a conscious game changer by examining old patterns of interaction and attraction is not an easy move, but Hull demonstrates how this can happen. Her approach combines examples with poetry, philosophy, and spiritual reflections from others, from Rumi to Meister Eckhart and the Hindu Bhagavad Gita.

"I admit to many times when I most certainly felt like a victim. In doing a rewind of the “Richard reel,” I can see in living color how patterns and bloodlines played an important role in how things unfolded between us. Also, if karma is factored into the mix, who knows what I was attempting to resolve from other lifetimes with this man and others."

Hull closely examines the history and methods of women's subjugation and juxtaposes reflections on courage and resilience with examinations of adaptation and self-actualization programming routines. Readers receive a well-balanced blend of autobiography, psychology, philosophy, and spiritual insight into women's issues and power.

Her years of research led to breakthrough insights on brain functions and how to reprogram them by applying a mix of science and spiritual insight.

Women committed to personal growth who look for the foundations of neuropsychology tempered by new age and spiritual examination will find much to like in Self Belonging, which empowers readers to process their own patterns, paths, and options to embark on a better course in life.

Donovan's Literary Services

Unafraid to share her personal journey and vulnerabilities, Luann Robinson Hull shows us that by identifying behaviors that are hard-wired into our brains, we can then untangle them using science sprinkled with spiritual wisdom to achieve the highest expression of ourselves in relationships and in life.

Christy Whitman, New York Times Bestselling Author of "The Desire Factor"