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In the highly anticipated sequel to Happily Ever After…Right Now, Luann’s new book, Self Belonging,  expands upon the themes in Happily, continuing to emphasize that true happiness is rooted in a strong sense of personal worthiness, which she has termed Self Belonging.

An educational memoir, the book examines romantic relationships through the lens of the author, who shares her own adventures in and out of love, cheerfully referring to herself as “your personal research project.”

By using herself as a model who has lived through the “trenches,” she shows readers how to emerge from the “ditches” of their minds, with breakthrough information on methods for creating your own “dopamine highs,” rather than relying on someone or something else to do it for you.

Once liberated from your patterns you are free to flourish and expand into an entirely new level of existence, as you actualize toward true self-realization. It can be done. Luann will show you the way.

In her breakthrough, three-time-award-winning book, Happily Ever After…Right Now, Luann provides practical information for charting a new course towards confidence, self-love, and full-on-joy.

Providing readers with an easy three-part formula: education, awareness, and transformation, she shows you how to live a happy life right now—not on some distant day in your future.

This breakthrough book cracks the code to relationship challenges and shows you how to unravel the patterns that keep you from living your best life—whether or in a committed relationship or seeking a partner.

“A readable, powerfully worded call for women to get in touch with their inner queens.

She’s uncompromising in calling out the over romantic, but her sentiments are always laced with kindness.

This essential kernel of personal optimism is the heart of the book and its greatest strength, giving heart to readers who may invest too much of their personal happiness in others.”

Kirkus Reviews
An American book review magazine