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On Turning Arrows into Flowers

On Turning Arrows into Flowers Dear hearts, In reflecting on the month of February, the “love month,” I’m considering some thoughts I shared in an earlier essay Fruit Boy from
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Fruit Boy from Morocco

Fruit Boy “I love my lot to the very core and rind.”—Henry David Thoreau My dear friends and family, At the risk of sounding sanctimonious and self-righteous, I want to
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Happily Ever After

My Dear Friends and Family, It is with great pleasure that I announce the publishing of the third edition of my first book, Happily Ever After…Right now, Stop Searching for
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Celebrating Love, Miracles, and Valentines Day…

Celebrating Love, Miracles, and Valentines Day… re-introducing Self Belonging with an essay on freedom “There are two ways to live your life. Everything is miracle. Nothing is a miracle.” My
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Want to be a Game Changer in the Middle of Culture Wars?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”—Mahatma Gandhi My Fellow Game Changers, Happy Thanksgiving! It is my privilege to launch this holiday season from my world to
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Reflections On Reversing the Horrors of 9.11 and Other Tragedies…

“May all beings everywhere, on all planes of existence, known and unknown, be happy, be peaceful, be free from suffering.”—Loving kindness meditation by Steven V. Smith In reflecting on the
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