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Hidden Blessings

My dear Friends and Family, Perhaps you will join me in recognizing that with every debacle, disagreement, misunderstanding, misfortune, or loss of any kind, there are hidden blessings. Sometimes, we
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On Centering: Getting Out of Our Own Way

Dear Hearts, As I sit down to write this morning, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, an occasion I’ve been pondering for a while now as it falls within a couple of
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Will you fall into a hole or pass through a portal?

“Let this be your heart’s deepest yearning; to become all of those things which you are tempted to seek from another. And in your becoming, you will get that there is nothing
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“We are One Single Tribe”—T’Challa, Blank Panther (Chadwick Boseman)

Out of some combination of curiosity and civic duty, I tuned in to segments of the DNC and the RNC conventions. I must say both events brought up some real
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On Politics And Spirituality

Based on the state of things it would appear that not everyone on this planet  is coming from love and light. So isn’t it crucial that we shift from a fear-based
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Indiana Jones and the Citizens for Consciousness

Joseph Campbell created a framework for the spiritual path which he called “The Hero’s Journey.” The heroine, who is always flawed, starts out on her journey filled with hope and
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