Book 1: Happily Ever After Right Now

This breakthrough book, Happily Ever After Right Now, cracks the code to relationship challenges and shows readers step by step how to unravel the patterns, habits and cycles, which have held them captive and kept them from reaching their full and most optimal potential. Happily opens readers to a new frontier for fulfilling, lasting relationships, and shares the formula for happy, joyful living…right now. Written with spirit and spunk it provides simple tools for positive, lasting change and ultimate transformation that.

The focus of  Happily Ever After Right Now is threefold:


(why we do what we do), 


(noticing our conditioned patterns), and 


(how to habituate new ways of being that support happy, abundant lives).

Happily Ever After Right Now by Luann Robinson Hull

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Be happy, don’t wait!
By Amazon Customer on December 4, 2012

Format: Paperback

Happily Ever After Right Now (Robinson Hull, 2011) is a well written, well researched book about the spiritual journeys that one takes as they move from moments that seem miserable toward the bright, happy future that they are waiting for.Ms. Robinson Hull is both an academic and human, thereby displaying through her difficult journey how right action – as described by many religious leaders, philosophers, and faith leaders – can be used to create a happier life in the present, should we choose to embrace it. I always wonder about reading books that guarantee happiness through faith, being a-religious myself. However, what I found refreshing in a way that not only engaged me but actually spoke to me was the author’s skill in drawing on various texts, leaders, and personal experiences to show that she was speaking a truth from both experience and practice. The author continually humanizes herself and her experience so that she speaks to us, through us, rather than from a place above us.I highly recommend this book to those looking for happiness in a way that utilizes spirituality without getting preachy. Despite it’s length, the book is a quick, delightful read, written in a refreshing and modern style. Ms. Robinson Hull skillfully navigates faith and philosophy to bring her readers to a right path of self-understanding, wisdom, and personal empowerment.Happily Ever After…Right Now

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A New Standard for Every Woman! Required Reading!
By deb scott on March 7, 2013

Format: Paperback
Dr. Luann’s book, Happily Ever After Right Now, needs to be required reading for every female on planet earth!! The many pressures women face from unrealistic pressures bombarding them in the media has caused needless pain. Dr. Luann provides a powerful antibiotic against this tragic disease plaguing women of every age. I wish I had this book 20 years ago. Don’t wait – get it – read it – give it – as a gift to yourself or anyone you love. I think this would be a fabulous book club read as well. A new classic.
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Every Woman Should Read This
By Amazon Addict on January 11, 2013

Format: Paperback

I was recently given this book, Happily Ever After Right Now, as a gift, and I felt so strongly about it that I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone who considers it for purchase. I completely fell in love with this book – it’s such important work, and if I ever have a daughter, I will definitely give Happily Ever After…Right Now to her to learn from as well. Thank you, Luann!

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Luann Robinson Hull


Luann Robinson Hull is a writer, book author and speaker with a Masters in Clinical Social Work and a Doctorate in Ministry. She offers workshops and immersions with online courses coming soon to the mix! Luann writes self development and personal development books and in particular, inspirational books for women. Her most recent self help book for women, Happily Ever After Right Now is now a two time award winning book under Spiritual Category of books. She is also a featured writer for Huffington Post Women. Luann’s second book, Self-Belonging, is in the works.

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