On Centering: Getting Out of Our Own Way

Dear Hearts,

As I sit down to write this morning, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, an occasion I’ve been pondering for a while now as it falls within a couple of days of my birthday.

Both of my dear sons asked me what I wanted this year and I offered my usual response, “Nothing except time spent with both of you.” Happily, that wish will be coming true. And since I’ll be traveling for the reunion, this message will be delayed. Even so, please know I’ll be thinking of all of you as you celebrate Mother’s Day right along with me. My insightful teacher, Ana Perez-Chisti recently shared, “We are all mothers as God is always needing to be born.”—Meister Eckhart

Over the course of the last several years, I have been making repeated efforts to focus on “wanting what I already have,” an important teaching I learned from Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh. I have to say the practice is quite useful in helping me avoid any feelings of insufficiency, which can lead to thoughtforms consumed with longing or craving for this or that—whether love, money, health, vitality, peace, or harmony. Wanting more of anything can translate to a belief system based on lack. I have repeatedly found that if I can avoid going down the path of longing for something else, other than what’s right in front of me, I am ever so much more content.

That said, however, I find these days that feelings of peace and contentedness can be more difficult to access. Even as much as I try to detach from what’s going on in the external world of polarities related to “woke-ness” or non, doing so is occasionally a bit of a stretch.

Lately, more often than not, I have a sense of urgency about the current national/global situation, and feel strongly that I need to do something about it. Of course, this planet of ours is made up of individuals who are already making a difference, and you, being one of them, are likely participating in offering your contributions—whether with your prayers, your actions, or both. Please share what you are up to so we can connect our individual and collective dots—the whole “…wherever-two-or-more-are-gathered” we create the more-momentum thing.

I know I have written on the subject of how the current political quagmire, combined with the jarring disruption of a global pandemic, can be successfully navigated, such as in: Will You Fall Through a Hole or Pass Through a Portal; We Are One Single Tribe; On Politics and Spirituality; and Indiana Jones and the Citizens of Consciousness.

While I continue to be in alignment with the sentiments expressed in each of these, I’d like to add some queries for you to percolate on:

“What would happen if I had the courage to simply abide in my own being without trying to fix things?

Am I able to just stand/sit still in simple presence, without stating my preferences, and instead listen for Divine guidance on what the next right steps should be?

I find that when I can just drop in to simple Presence, I discover that the solutions on how to proceed come to me with much greater ease—paradoxically, my need (as in longing) for a solution will often block the very clarity I am attempting to access. If I am able to let go, I’m more available for the necessary grace to guide me into a state of unrestricted, creative potential.

In short, I’ve learned over my not-short lifetime, that in order to move in the right direction, I must connect to the still point inside where the unmoved Mover resides.

While I’m tempted to wait to do so until tomorrow on the plane, I will commit to engaging in the practice of going to that still point now, even while persuaded toward all of the busyness that leaving town can provoke. I’ll let you know what arises—could just be to greet tomorrow with an open heart toward everyone I meet. We’ll see. Until then, happy Mother’s Day, you Godly mothers!

Believing in you!