On Politics And Spirituality

Based on the state of things it would appear that not everyone on this planet  is coming from love and light. So isn’t it crucial that we shift from a fear-based reality, where we are pitted against each other in survival mode—to a model of tolerance and compassion before we annihilate ourselves?                                                   ~  Happily Ever After… Right Now

A wise, insightful professor once described politics as “the sagacious science of the control of others.” David Wilcock, best-selling author of The Synchronicity Key, states that “the big game of politics has always been about the manipulation of perception. Politicians find out who will generate the most votes, and then give people what they want—or at least promise to. And when it becomes impossible to keep playing the game, they change the rules.” In this model, it’s more about “leading” by gathering the numbers to secure votes while keeping constituents in a choke hold—rather than empowering people to lead themselves. Richard Rudd, visionary and thought leader, says in his breakthrough work The Gene Keys that “false leaders always try to hold onto you whereas the real leader always tries to get rid of you!” True leaders, he states, “create a space in which an organic team harmony can develop on its own, with minimal interference. They are often content to allow others with the requisite gifts to stand in the limelight while they lead quietly from behind the scenes.”

 With those ideas in mind, is perhaps the goal of a true spiritual path to awaken and move beyond the “game” of politics and divisiveness? Is it to step out of the delusion of separation from each other and our divine nature while realizing the internal power inherent in our own divinity? Furthermore, is it possible that if those of us who find ourselves disturbed by whatever is going on in our external orbits (e.g. the presidential election, political “players,” and the pandemic)—to use that disturbance as a nudge to keep our focus steadied on defusing any external façade that interrupts our true, divine nature? Can we somehow be in the world without reacting to it? And just by the simple act of calming ourselves down, might we help inspire others to do the same? 

According to the Vedanta—the last chapters of the ancient Hindu scriptures or “Vedas,”—there are two symptoms of awakening into a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things just don’t bother you anymore. You are no longer disturbed by whatever is going on in your external orbit. Rather you have cultivated a stable mind that can “hold still” and see the connection in all things—no matter what may seem to be going on in the external world. You find yourself repeatedly light-hearted and in a state of joy as you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences or positive synchronicities. Now, as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter whether or not you subscribe to a Hindu path—the basic concepts shared here can be a bridge across all belief systems. While my own fundamental path is in a different tradition, I can incorporate nuggets from the other world religions to further enrich my life—and I love doing that. It helps me to avoid taking a position on whether or not my way is the “right” way. As my treasured teacher Matthew Fox states, “There are many rivers to the one well of God.”

In The Synchronicity Key, Wilcock also suggests that “this is our moment of choice. Do you still believe in a positive future (despite everything that is going on now)…in the value of helping others…in looking for ways to help the world become a better place? Do you believe that if you treat everyone (starting with yourself) with love, forgiveness, and acceptance—while maintaining responsible boundaries and not allowing yourself to be manipulated—that our personal and global wounds can heal?”  Wilcock holds that if you do believe in operating as he proposes, you are well positioned to start recognizing “more and more meaningful coincidences and positive synchronicities” in your life, while helping the rest of the world at the same time. 

As I write to you tonight, I absolutely know that our personal and global wounds can heal as many of us continue to wake up and see the connection in all things—regardless of however bleak or challenging these times may seem. And while I most definitely cannot always operate from a peaceful state and see the common thread that runs among us—the more willing I am to get still and make my attempts to go to peace, the more likely it is that I’ll be able to move into the states of joy and light-heartedness referenced in the Vedanta. When I find myself in that light-hearted, joyful state, I definitely do notice “meaningful coincidences,” even if it’s just hitting a string of green lights that keep me on time for an appointment. 

If you are inclined, please join me in considering what it means to move into a joyful, light-hearted state toward both an individual and collective “positive future,” while using love and tolerance as the guiding force. Together we can create a space where our “organic team harmony” will support the combined momentum needed to produce an upsurge in the collective consciousness. Oh yes, and I suppose if we want to be heard, won’t we have to make some noise? J

Believing in you! 

Love, Luann