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On Faith…The Wisdom of Uncertainty

Dear Friends,

For those of you who may not know, my latest intimate relationship ended a year ago, the experience of which contributed measurably to the final touches of my second book, Self Belonging. The partnership (and its ending) was the ultimate test for me to verify my own ability to practice what I preach and write about—sharing with all of you my ventures in (and out of love) and the practices I’ve found so useful to support me with debacles of my own creation. Closure on this latest “situation” (even as I’ve been sustained by my own combo platter of science and spirituality) has most definitely been included in the mix of this past jarring and unpredictable year, when the world flipped upside down—for all of us.

While on this latest-12 month-sojourn, I’ve been constantly reminded of Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön’swise-title, The Wisdom of No Escape—a treasured book in my personal library. What wisdom is buried in this current climate of chaos, change, ambiguity, and uncertainty, from which it appears there is no escape—for me (and perhaps for you) either personally or globally? It’s easy to stay steady on the spiritual path when things seem stable and predictable. But what about when it’s hard to find steady ground—when chaos is the status quo, for who knows how long? Maybe indefinitely?

Are these times, laced with repeated uncertainty, actually hidden opportunities to buckle in and fortify our faith in the Divine plan? I am not a young woman. My faith has been tested many times—and I delight in reporting that to date it has never failed me. I trust the current global quagmire is, in one way or another, most definitely no exception.

My wise and treasured teacher, Ana Perez-Chisti states, “Be a refuge to yourself.” How better to do that than to find some time each day to steady the mind—be it with vigorous exercise, a mindful walk, or mantra meditation (or all three)? Don’t you find that it’s much easier to deal with whatever is happening in the external world when you can access that inner compass (the Internal Divine), ever available to help you navigate whatever is going on —both inside and out?

While we’re at it, shall we consider the healing power of love and how we can make our loving contributions to this ailing world? Now is traditionally a time of love, as Valentine’s Day approaches. From my vantage point during this cultural celebration, those “in love,” or in intimate relationships, can choose to expand their love into a greater loving intention for all—particularly this year. And those of us who are solo can join forces with the rest of you, while avoiding any temptation to keenly feel our “singleness” on this day customarily meant for lovers. We can most definitely find ways to love and be loved that are deeply meaningful.

How do I know? I just spent a month with my grandchildren, ages five and two. Inspired by these two amazing young Beings, I say love, love, love, with all of your heart and soul, and watch in wonder as love comes effortlessly back to you in unexpected and magical ways.

In this month that focuses on the heart, shall we see how open we can keep our own hearts—the back door to ourselves and the front door to others—while noting as we do any subtle (or profound) shifts in our daily lives? I believe that through these actions we will change the world—one heart at a time.

“If you could only love enough, you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the universe.”—Emmet Fox

Happy Valentines Day, brothers and sisters!

Believing in you,

Luann   Watch for Self Belonging: Embrace the Wisdom of Soul and Science and Live Your Best Life, due out on April 13th. Preorder now at

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