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My dear Friends and Family,

Perhaps you will join me in recognizing that with every debacle, disagreement, misunderstanding, misfortune, or loss of any kind, there are hidden blessings.

Sometimes, we have to dig (maybe even with a crane) to find them, but nonetheless, they are there. Other times they are much more obvious, per my example below.

Over the course of this past interesting year of perceived containment, I have had the very good fortune to re-connect with my beloved professor/teacher, Ana Perez-Chisti, as a student in both her World Religion Class as well as her Fourth Wave Divine Feminine class, which has been an accompaniment to her latest book, published May 15, 2021: Sweet Reign—Fourth Wave Feminine Principles. I am anxiously awaiting my copy.

That Dr. Perez-Chisti is holding these classes on Zoom, an inevitable necessity triggered by the lockdown, has been indeed a blessing for me, since her Institute is in the Bay area of California and I reside in the mountains of Colorado—not an easy commute.

In the World Religion class, we are currently studying Judaism and last night’s class was devoted to the book of Exodus in The Bible. Masterfully, Ana pointed out the symbolism of the chapter, which had never occurred to me: “that there is within us always an opportunity to leave our own slavery and containment. Divine energy is kept down by the enslavement of anything that is not conducive to life’s progression—which would include being under the control of a dominant paradigm.”

Her words reminded me that the current governmental climate under which we are living (from my personal lens), seems to be quite heavily swayed toward perpetuating a quagmire of controls and regulations over the masses (among whom I seem to be currently operating—you too?).

Nonetheless, I fully believe, fortified by dear teacher Ana’s ever constant encouragement and wise insights, that if we use those cranes of ours to dig down deeply while systematically investigating our individual truths, we will be fortified with the necessary momentum to transcend any perceived control over our restricted freedoms.

And, while in the process, as we keep attracting others in to our circle of trust—operating with similar intent, we will be repeatedly fortified by the collective swell of an upsurge in a cooperative, shared, communal momentum that will transcend any stronghold under which our bodies, minds, and spirits, appear to be “locked down.”

And here is the really good news: while we continue gathering that momentum, we are fully participating in the evolutionary process that will catapult the human race into an entirely different stratosphere of consciousness than the one under which we are currently operating—where those bodies, minds, and spirits of ours will continue to live and thrive in the ultimate freedom that is our birthright.

As Stephen Weigand, my beloved son and yoga master said in his beautiful class today, “If we can keep a strong resolve to continue uncovering the truth while cultivating our warrior spirits through our practices—even when Life seems to throw us a curve ball, we are bound to uncover our very best destiny.” Don’t you just love that? I know he is my son, but I have to say, he is an amazing teacher. See for yourself.
I would categorize recent experiences in the adventures of printing my latest book, Self Belonging, to be among one of those curve balls.

As many of you know, our launch date for the book was April 13, 2021, and as of this writing, almost six weeks later, it is finally showing up on on Amazon as available. Barnes and Noble,, and Books-A- Million, among other booksellers, will likely follow suit soon.

I am told that there was a snag in the “printing press operation” that sends the book out to these various booksellers, which has taken some time to work out.

Here is the blessing in the “printing press quagmire”: in the interim period between now and the official launch date of the material in April, I have been doing more research on places where I would like the book to land.

Some of those are colleges and universities for eager students to learn about the blessings in self-belonging, and will require a hard-bound copy, which we did not create with our first printing. Therefore, I will be producing a hard-bound version of the book in the next publishing endeavor, which I am over-the-moon excited about, and am initiating immediately.

For those of you, who are patiently standing by for the arrival of your paper-back copy to arrive, please know of my sincere gratitude for your tolerance regarding the delay, and feel free to keep us apprised of any issues you continue to have. Also, if you would be so kind as to email me a brief note with your ground mailing address and anything else you’d like to share about yourself and your story, it will be my absolute pleasure to send you a complimentary hard bound copy of Self Belonging once it’s published, which I plan to support happening over the summer months. My gift of the book will be my gesture of gratitude for your support in hanging in there with me.

In the meantime, let’s hold hands and stick together as we approach this glorious summertime and intend that it will be a peaceful, healing, healthy, and prosperous time for us all, together with the rest of humanity.

Believing in you!

With so much love and gratitude,


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